made by who aims to help you source ethical clothing online from brands based within Europe. In selecting brands for this site, the following ethical considerations are taken into account: 


Organic, low impact or recycled fibres, eco friendly production.

Ethical manufacturing

Fair wages and working conditions for people making the clothes.

Small scale production

Quality clothing intended to last, never mass produced.


Taking purposeful steps to include and represent those who have been previously excluded by factors such as age, size, race, disability or gender.


Supporting local businesses and traditional skills.


Giving new life to second hand clothes.


Information provided on every part of the company’s production process.


I recently made the decision to think more carefully about the clothes I was buying. I wanted to buy long lasting, quality items from companies that I trusted.

While searching online for ethical clothing brands, I struggled to find many brands that shared my own ethical values while also being well designed / unique and contemporary - clothes I actually wanted to wear. Through a lot of research however, I kept finding brands that I wanted to share with other people.

I felt that there was a need for a central catalogue to make it easier for people to browse through these ethical clothing brands – brands that maintain both good company values and good design. So I decided to create made by who.



made by who is not responsible for the content of linked sites, or the privacy practices employed by those sites. Any claim or representation of a product should be verified with the company in question. Images are not my own and belong to the individual brands. Please get in touch if you want any content to be removed.